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The site was created on 23 March 2009, with the kind assistance of Dwasifar (www.dwasifar.com, now defunct), my mentor in all things WordPressy. 

This is not a blog in the true sense. You are most unlikely to learn what I eat for breakfast. It is not even topical, except by accident. The site was intended instead to host my pre-written essays and squibs, of which I had about a megabyte in Word format. Though I have continued to dream up new ones since. These essays are not isolated, but should ideally be read in order, in each Category, which will ultimately resemble a small book. In each Subcategory, the essays should display here in chronological order, oldest first. Unfortunately, the link “Older/Newer entries” at the bottom of a categories page cannot be customised, and should be read per contraria. That is, click on Older Entries to read the newer! Dumb, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

Maybe when I’m done I shall replace the whole thing with a series of nested web-pages, that will make it much easier to read chapters right through. In the meantime, intelligent comments have led and will continue to lead to useful textual revision.

The site uses Akismet, which can cause new commentators to be held in moderation. If your comment didn’t appear after a day, and you know that you are not a spambot, please try again, with attention to aspects that might trip a suspicious spamtrap. I had a special address for bona fide contacts, but have forgotten the user-name and password. Don’t laugh: cerebral strokes are not funny.

I have no presence on any “social media”. Zero, zip, nada, nichevo. Anything on Facepalm, Snitchchat, Needlejumpgram and so forth that looks as if it might be me, is not. In fact I am illiterate in Web 2.0. I have never been anywhere near the -chan sites and do not intend to. If in some ways I resemble an incel, well, I do not mix with them.

Please note that anyone shilling for websites who gets past the filter will be blacklisted manually. While polite dissent is fine, I will also delete trolls, illiterates and morons, and yes, I get to decide who that is.

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  1. Written by Göran Ingvarsson
    on July 12, 2017 at 22:55

    Hello! Some time ago I stumbled upon this text of yours:
    ‘The politically correct are all in the same business together with the primitive racists, sexists and other chauvinists whom they criticise…’ unattributed where I found it.
    I immediately added it to my ‘Quotes’ document as I agreed completely with the text and marveled at the clear thinking that went into it.
    Earlier this evening for some reason I googled the entire piece and ended up here and now know better – you wrote it.
    I have spent hours here and had to force myself to stop for tonight but you now have a new follower (in Sweden).
    Kindest regards,

  2. Written by Hugo Grinebiter
    on July 12, 2017 at 23:02

    Takker så meget, söta bror! Du blir vel bare den tredje som leser meg regelmessig, det fantes et par andre tidligere som har siden forsvunnet.


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