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I Never Looked At You, Honest!

It strikes some as a paradox that Spartan women, who in their youth did public gymnastics naked, and could receive male visitors in the absence of their husbands, were known as the chastest wives in Greece, while the sequestered Athenian wives had a reputation for infidelity. Others it strikes as being simple cause and effect. […]

Talking Astrophysics In That Little Black Number

Women think it annoying, even oppressive, that they need to wear “serious” clothes in order to be taken seriously; it is not a good idea, for example, to pursue an intellectual argument wearing the famous “little black number”. They also think it odd that men can with impunity wear the same clothes for many different […]

The Real Story Of Ocular Harassment

On the one hand, sympathy is due to the woman who is irritated by a man’s staring at her breasts at the expense of looking her in the eye, especially when they are supposed to be holding a conversation. On the other hand, it is hard to legislate against men looking at women’s figures, in […]

The Breast-Stroke In The Municipal Pool

Swedish and Norwegian feminist organisations have demanded the right to swim topless in municipal indoor pools. Having to wear bikini tops is gender discrimination, they say, because men do not have to. They link this to the theme of “sexualisation” and how the porn industry is being allowed to determine what is socially acceptable. The […]

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Prickteasing And Discourtesy

It is an article of faith among many sub-types of feminist that women are not responsible for either male desire or any consequences thereof. In some ways this is intuitively obvious, but it can be pushed too far. Consider: a woman wearing jeans and sweater is quietly at work at her computer, or sitting on […]

The Martian And The Porn Movie

Let us imagine a Martian watching a movie scene set at an exclusive restaurant, at which the camera focuses on a woman enjoying a meal, and being danced attendance upon by half a dozen sycophantic male waiters. How would our Martian avoid the conclusion that she was the high-status animal and the men were there […]

If Women Like It, It Can’t Be Porn

One of the greatest embarrassments to the feminist movement is the growing number of women who say that they enjoy porn and are turned on by it. (Or at least some porn; probably no one likes all the porn produced, not even the stereotypical men in dirty overcoats, not least because some porn categories are […]

Stop Objectifying My Mind!

We have all been trained to reprobate something called “sexual objectification” of women. This, I believe, originally meant a specifically sexual violation of Kant’s Practical Imperative, or the Buber principle of treating someone as a Thou rather than an It. Objectification thus meant treating someone else as a mere means to your ends, with no […]

A Story Of The Male Gaze

A friend writes: “I had the experience several years ago in a social group with a breastfeeding woman in which I didn’t avert my eyes, but didn’t stare either – all of the men present reacted as if it were a normal activity – only to be subjected to a harangue from the nursing woman […]

The Gaze As Game

Normally people pretend to accept a pretence. A big exception is with the Offence of looking at a woman’s body. For if the man pretends not to have been looking, he fails. In fact the biggest Offence seems to have been the pretence of not looking. If the man instead grins openly, and some other […]