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Rights, Variance And The UN

“Forget about jogging round the block or struggling with sit-ups. Sex uses every muscle group, gets the heart and lungs working hard, and burns about 300 calories an hour.” This is the British national health service treating regular sex as a therapeutic regime. “Regular romps this winter” will lead to a better body, they continue. […]

Broken Symmetries

It has been solidly established in recent decades that the perception of facial beauty is in fact a hard-wired biological response to mathematically measurable symmetry, wholly independent of ethnicity. That being so, it is might be interesting to study how that symmetry is then broken in order to signal extra desirability or erotic intention. Under […]

Richer Than All His Tribe

It is said that there was once an Native American tribe in which the most handsome boy was selected to impregnate all the women; he ran away. This may be a mere joke; but if the story is true, one would like to know more about who was in charge of the arrangement, what they […]

On Grace And Beauty: Two Issues

It is possible that young men do not know this, and even more possible that no one believes those who claim to know it, but I do hope that one of the privileges of age is being able to insist on the difference between a sexual and an aesthetic appreciation of a beautiful woman. We […]

Exchange With Mia

Read somewhere, whether a novel or journalistic piece I do not remember: A young woman is asked, “‘Have you ever done anything nice for your boyfriend?’ Mia gave an unattractive snort. ‘Why should I? He’s lucky to have me’” And why, ma’am, is he lucky to have you? Clearly not because of your generous character. […]

The Chief Measure

Perhaps the biggest idiocy of Nazi thinking about the survival of the fittest was their assumption that it was something that needed them to happen. No, survival of the fittest is not a programme but an outcome, it is what happens by itself. At the end, Hitler was just sane enough to realise this; he […]

So Where Were They?

The Boston Herald complains that the new generation of girls has been so thoroughly imprinted with the idea that nothing matters except looks and sartorial excellence that they cannot see any other possible mode of being. So what took you so long to notice? Once upon a time, feminists endeavoured to have a work in […]

Beauty And The Beast, Fortune Cookies

Biologically speaking, there is no such thing as “awkward but nice”. Awkwardness is a biological pointer to inferiority and must be stamped out. Courtesy may not flow down a beauty gradient. Observed at a public office: The pretty girl finds the queue ticket machine has stopped working. A man gives her his – perhaps he […]