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A New Meaning Of “Stereotype”

I once read that something called the Women’s Funding Network had pulled financial support for researchers who had arrived at the, quote, wrong result, unquote. I do not now remember what the results were, or even what the question was; I would merely note that, in the view of the Network, the purpose of scientific […]

How To Stereotypically Carry Stuff On Your Head

In the beginning were the stereotypes of Africa that innocently influenced us in our childhoods, as we had no way of knowing better. As children, therefore, we honestly thought that Africans had bones through their noses, that they cooked missionaries in big casseroles and that the women carried all their loads on their heads. After […]

Harry Potter Says, “Veritas Invalido!”

A stereotype must be based loosely on true propositions, or else it is no longer a stereotype but a mere fabrication. From this it follows that any true proposition about any human being will resemble some stereotype or other. From which it follows again that any true statement about any human being and his or […]

Where Did All The Airheads Go?

One of the differences between the modern feminist and her suffragette, bluestocking foremother is that the latter knew perfectly well that airhead females existed but despised them, whereas the former believes that airhead females are either a stereotype confined to the male imagination or else a regrettable mentality wickedly imposed on would-be independent and intellectual […]

On Androgens And Tomboys

The great Maccoby-Jacklin meta-study of 1974 found only four universal sex differences in children: girls were more verbal, less visual-spatial, less mathematical, and less aggressive. Other differences were left open or explicitly dismissed as mythical. The meta-study has, however, been criticised for debunking some real sex differences on the peculiar grounds that they are differences […]

The Statistically Normal

Robert Anton Wilson points out that, “the average human being has 0.96 testicles and 0.54 vaginas”. This may be funny, but is not actually meant as a joke. “The normal consists of a null set which nobody and nothing really fits”. And there are political implications: “People who think they know all about Jews or […]

When Stereotyping Is Invisible

I once read an article about manipulation. Although the subject was not specifically sexual manipulation or indeed anything to do with gender, the article was nevertheless illustrated with a cartoon showing a male puppeteer and female marionette. It had to be that way, for if the figures had been the other way around, there would […]

Stereotypes And Killer Chicks

A journalist complains about all the “pornified” pop stars we have now as being “politically incorrect gender stereotypes”, and disapprovingly contrasts them with the ‘active, assertive and aggressive women we find in Kill Bill, Thelma and Louise, Baise-Moi, Tomb Raider, Mr. and Mrs. Smith etc. Now, how many of us have actually met a gorgeous […]

Romancing The Breillat

Several critics have pointed out that if the film Romance had been made by a man and not the recognised French feminist Catherine Breillat, it would have been universally condemned as misogynistic. It is said that women audiences nod in recognition to statements about the film’s female agenda while the men are uncomfortable with this […]

Feral Cultures

The Nazis operated with a hierarchy of biologically virtuous and vicious “races”, whereas now we are determined to accord all “cultures” equal respect. Or are we? It is normal for progressives to attribute the evil thoughts, evil words and evil deeds of white heterosexual males to the baleful effects of a dysfunctional culture, namely, the […]