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The Right To Avoid Competition

“Equality” will always be a stalking-horse. It is only attractive viewed from below. No one – no man, no woman, no intersexual and no small furry thing from Alpha Centauri – truly wants “equality” except provisionally, while they themselves are busy getting out from underneath. What people want after equality is privilege; that is, we […]

What Is “Predatory Explanation”?

I have coined this term to cover a cluster of related devices that, taken together, comprise a language designed to prevent your actions being discussed on their own merits or demerits, thereby offering you – in your own eyes and in as many other eyes as possible – immunity from all criticism. Predatory Explanation offers […]

The Techniques And Target Of Predatory Explanation

The primary technique of Predatory Explanation is to attribute all human wickedness, not to the general nature of human beings but to the specific nature of one sub-category of human, a category of which you yourself are not a member. It follows that you are not capable of this wickedness, you have no share in […]

Predatory Explanation And Attribution Theory

The heart of Predatory Explanation is Attributions. People act as they act, but it is up to us to “explain” why. We stick motives on other people’s actions like flyers on an overcrowded bulletin board, frequently covering over their own explanations of why they acted as they did. A moment’s thought will convince anyone of […]

Self And Selfishness In Predatory Explanation

To look at it from the opposite end, Predatory Explanation involves an uncompromising denial of the doctrine preached by almost all the religions, that there is something nasty in the heart of humankind per se. As of course there must be. How could it possibly be otherwise? All life on Earth is based on ferocious […]

Predatory Explanation Beyond Good And Evil

Denying the very possibility of your wilfully selfish action at others’ expense requires that you undermine the idea of a universal, gender-neutral origin or cause of human wickedness. This in turn requires that you undermine the idea of universal, gender-neutral moral rules binding equally on all individuals – even or especially the ones who think […]

Predatory Explanation And Collective Security

The second primary technique of Predatory Explanation is the assimilation of personal interests to the interests of the oppressed group. That is, the Predatory Explainer should argue as if whatever she wants furthers the welfare of that group, and that whatever hinders or annoys her is part of its continued oppression. The second is easier […]

Predatory Explanation And Utopia

If oppression is inconvenient and unpleasant, anything inconvenient and unpleasant must be oppression. We all know, for example, that the rich think it intolerable oppression to be asked to pay their taxes. In the same way, Sixties youngsters defined Fascism in terms of having to tidy their room. The Predatory Explainer likes to define male […]

Don’t Blame ME!

Philosophers have sought to understand the world, and Marxists to change it; the point, however, is to blame someone else for it. What is the threefold recipe for creating a professional victim who never does anything wrong? First, take an individual with an infantile sense of entitlement, so that any reverse, loss, inconvenience or the […]

No Platform For Against-ME Speech!

The PC project of concentrating less on economics and more on words is primarily designed to prevent certain kinds of speech. The exoteric claim is the prevention of “hate” speech, which in principle means vehemently derogatory speech about whole groups, e.g. Jews, blacks, gays and so on. When, however, “hate” speech or “stigmatisation” is reconceptualised […]