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Pillow Talk

“Post coitum omne animal triste est”, wrote Galen. One wonders how he knew what all the animals feel. For many human males, however, this is more or less right. The root of their problems is detumescence. The more of their self-image they invested in their erections, the more they are compelled to feel that orgasm […]

Deadlier Than The Male

A study has been done in Finland, asking children who had quarrelled how much longer they intended to be angry at one another. The boys replied, “Oh, at least one or two days”, sounding as if they thought that was a long time. The girls, however, answered, “Forever!” Because no physical violence was involved, no […]

Marriage As Conspiracy

Reproductive success is not only about male opportunities to impregnate large numbers of healthy young females, or female opportunities to be supported by rich men in rearing their children. It is equally about what happens thereafter, yea, even unto the seventh generation. The game is won by those who have the most great-great-great grandchildren, or […]

The Deviant Judge

A few years ago in my city, a judge was fired. This is not supposed to be easy to do, and indeed, it was the first such sacking for decades if not a century. What frightful crime had he committed, you may ask, worthy of this epochal reaction? The answer is that certain members of […]

There’s None So Deaf……

Zadie Smith writes that men complain about bimbos, while at the same time it is men who have made the bimbos what they are — “it is they who said she was sweet when she was five and patted her on the head. It is they who said that when she was 12 she couldn’t […]

Hunting is Bad Except When We Do It

Modern female opinion-formers tend to talk as if the hunting half, and by presumption male half, of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle was never really necessary, merely a matter of stupid men pounding their chests. The assumption seems to be that the man did not bring anything back from the hunt except tall stories, which they swapped […]

A Possible Defence Of Careful First Choice

Improbable as it may sound in our liberal and enlightened age, there may in fact be something to be said for a woman taking care to get it right the first time and marry a good man. Because whenever she gives her virginity to the wrong man, or even the right man in the wrong […]

The Great White Mystery

I have heard it said that Caribbean women think to offer a man hot sex in the hope of making him a good husband. The informant did not say, however, what they offer him after the wedding. There would seem to be two possible strategies for the follow-up: to continue providing him with hot sex […]

Intelligent Misogyny, Fortune Cookies

Many people are fond of saying how difficult it is to be a woman. Well, there are undoubtedly aspects of life of which I, as a mere boo-hiss, have no experience whatsoever, and it is not difficult to believe that some of these are uncomfortable, inconvenient or worse. On the other hand, I must confess […]