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A Most Convenient Diagnosis

The clinical psychologists say that men score higher on narcissism than women; according to the literature, 50-75% of people suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder are men. For polemical purposes, of course, that range is immediately converted into a figure of 100%. After all, 50% would mean that there were as many female narcissists than men, […]

Keeping The Eyes Closed

Those who call men the “narcissistic” sex (in the traditional sense of boundless self-absorption, not in the misleading NPD sense of grandiosity and need for power) should be asked to explain why men’s magazines and women’s magazines are united in having women on the covers; why heterosexual women who watch porn are more interested in […]

Let’s Fight Those Wrinkles – Your Place Or Mine?

At one point the website of the British National Health Service was informing the public of the manifold medical benefits of sexual intercourse. The increased production of endorphins caused by sex would, it said, “make your hair shine and your skin smooth”. “If you’re worried about wrinkles”, it counselled, “orgasms even help prevent frown lines […]

The Age Of Henrietta Higgins

At least in some Northern countries and progressive circles, the days when men and women accepted that they were different – even weirdly and incomprehensibly different – are long gone. Men still think that women are weirdly different, of course, and may with varying degrees of exasperation cry Vive la difference! But there is no […]

God’s Gifts To Men

Early on in the lightweight adventure film Romancing the Stone, the novelist character played by Kathleen Turner is in a bar with her publisher, who looks around and summarises all the men present. This she does in one or two words, such as “loser”, “creep”, “too this”, “too that” and “too the other thing”. The […]

The Economics Of Attention

Everybody wants attention, and most of us are pretty good at getting it too. This is a mammalian constant; just watch puppies and kittens with their mothers. Infants who did not make any effort to attract and retain adult attention, or who were grossly incompetent at obtaining it, would tend not to survive until reproductive […]

Attention Porn

Once a woman has the economics of survival sorted, the Economics of Attention kick in. This is a lot harder than feeding the hungry, since there can be no question of a rational and equitable distribution of resources. Practically every woman desires all the attention in the world, and since this has never been vouchsafed […]

Do You Deserve Me, Darling?

Whereas the basic male-oriented plot is “Boy meets girl, eventually boy gets girl”, the most fundamental female-oriented plot is “Which man should I choose, and how long can I put off doing so?” Whereas a boy asks himself anxiously whether he can get the girl, the girl asks herself complacently only whether he is sufficiently […]

Felonious Attention

A woman firmly believes that failure to look upon her with desire is a high crime, even if she has not the slightest intention of reciprocating any sexual interest from the man in question. It follows that looking upon any other woman with desire is also a crime, even or especially in a man she […]

How Dare You Think About Engineering!

The silly trope that men think about sex all the time is a product of female projection, jealousy or both. Men probably think about sex a good deal less than women think about love (which is what women call sex when they want it for themselves). The real reason why a man gets accused of […]