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The Great Amnesia

In my youth all girls who had read a book and called themselves feminists were quite, quite sure that women had been forced to stay “at home” while the men “went out to work”; and this from the beginning of the world. Because they were middle-class, knew no history, and thought that Virginia Woolf was […]

Relationships Contra Economics

It is often said that, in a man’s eyes, a relationship culminates at the very moment when, in a woman’s eyes, it is just beginning; namely, when they first have sex. His mental horizon extends to sex and stops; hers extends from sex indefinitely. And it is equally often said that this is genetically programmed, […]

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The Reproductive Economics Of Modernity

Modernity involves a sea-change in human reproductive politics. When women can make their own careers and create their own independent economic foundations, the old imperatives of marrying for money and protection are less urgent. Where women are permitted to mate for pure pleasure, ad hoc, they will inevitably choose men on different criteria than before; […]

The Metaphysics Of “Family”

In a divorce case, a woman complains that her ex-husband “participated in the family only when it suited him and his business affairs”. The scenario is not improbable in itself, although we might ask ourselves whether he was engaged in these business affairs as being a more amusing leisure pursuit than his family, or as […]

Changing The Party Line On Divorce

The feminists of the early twentieth century were against divorce, which they considered a charter for “irresponsible” men. Being stuck in an unhappy marriage appears to have been a price they were willing to pay for economic security. A later generation of feminists turned the whole thing on its head and opposed the shackles of […]

The Great Non-Contract

If, as everyone now believes, love cannot be compelled, and having to live under the same roof as someone you don’t love is a violation of your human rights, then the contract of marriage makes no sense at all. For the whole point of a contract, any contract, is that it binds the parties to […]

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Why Is A Woman Like A Tornado?

Lionel Tiger, the Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University, says that modern men are being excluded from family bonds, so much so that we are reverting to what he calls “mammalian default mode” – the family equals a mother and her offspring. Much of this is due to the role of the state, […]

The Ladder And The Barbells

The confusion of our age between homosexuality and homosociality has proven perhaps one of the most disastrous forgettings in human history. For until very recently, all human cultures knew that the bond within each sex was at least as strong as the attraction to the other sex, and at least as necessary. Some Muslims have […]

Forsaking The Home-Acre

“What is a woman that you forsake her, And the hearth-fire, and the home-acre, To go with the old grey Widow-maker?” We cannot know whether the Dane women really sang like this, or whether Kipling was merely back-projecting Victorian reverence for the “angel of the home” onto women who nagged their men into going a-viking […]

On Micromotives

When women rule the roost at home, it is generally because they have such strong opinions on everything, including matters that in the men’s eyes are trivial. They do not think them worth bothering about, so they do not bother about them, and abdicate control. Control is tiring. Look at old women on buses, sharpening […]