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Some More Tautologies

It is a feminist cliché that men are not capable of sustaining a relationship. For some strange reason, in my jurisdiction the statistic that 90% of divorces are initiated by the wife is considered to document the truth of this. This might be something to do with money or the law, but at best, all […]

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Why Do They Bother With Us?

In many Northern countries we now have entire generations of women, at any rate the liberally educated portions thereof – what the British call “the Guardian-reading classes” – who suffer from a marked inability to believe that any “female” characteristic could possibly be dysfunctional, or that any “male” characteristic could possibly be functional. Of course, […]

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Two Against One

Men’s fatal error is to imagine that they are, or should be, involved in their own relationships. On the contrary, in the eyes of women ‘relationship’ is a projection of the woman’s own needs and desires onto a two-dimensional surface, namely what she needs her partner to be. She is writing the dialogue for both […]

“They Have Their Reward”

Back in the days when the Patriarchy kept women from doing many things, but semi-compensated some of them with extravagant praises for certain performances, maternal love was considered not merely a female virtue but proof of female superiority. Like the money of the Musical Banks in Erewhon, however, this attributed excellence was not necessarily convertible […]

In Four Words

A Russian SF writer caught my attention with a throwaway remark about the “female thirst for promises”. Well, I myself had often noted that if a young woman is given the choice between a taciturn man who cares for her in practice and another who avows his love in empty words, she almost always goes […]

Radical Insecurity

Women rule men by the drawing of lines between proper and improper conduct that only the women can see. Mothers do this to us first, followed by girlfriends and wives. Boys and then men are never able to know whether they are acting improperly or not. The women tell them this is because they have […]

A Fine Romance

For probably most modern women, “romance” is something that includes sexual intercourse. Believe it or not, however, when I was young a certain proportion of the female sex adamantly refused sexual intercourse, while nevertheless demanding from men something they called “romance”. This was to be entirely separate from sexual intercourse and chemically free of it […]

Partner Quality Assurance

Wherever women meet, and run out of steam for their intra-female hierarchy games, they relax and bond by complaining about the behaviour of their boyfriends and husbands. For they all know just exactly what they need, want and require, so that the sole conceivable problem is the men’s failure to provide it. A minority of […]

Never Losing An Argument

It is commonly said that no man ever wins an argument against a woman, or should even try to do so. Very well; but what does this actually mean; by what standard does he always lose? Winning and losing an argument implies criteria for judging who has won: either some kind of arbitration, an external […]

Always Knowing Best

Women who choose to act solely like a Mom to men – that is, basing the relationship on their always knowing what is best for the inferior partner – generally complain that men are like boys. But which is cause and which is effect? If they want to be a wife to an adult man, […]