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Predatory Explanation And Emotional Expertise

Any objection to anything done by a Predatory Explainer should be psychologised away in terms of male emotional incompetence. Almost all of us begin our lives bonded to a mother, so that even (or especially) the most sexist of men exempt their own mothers from the general contempt. This is also probably the basis for […]

Profound Shallows

If non-Catholics do not automatically accept the papal claim to a doctrinal infallibility exercised once every few decades, why should men accept the female claim to an emotional infallibility exercised every few minutes? Women are always claiming that they have “emotional depths” that men are unable to understand. It is certainly the case that men […]

A Set Of Empty Tautologies

Every conventional proposition about the superior emotionality of women is a tautology, which means that it is true by definition and thereby tells us nothing. The proposition that women uniquely “know” what is going on in the minds and hearts of men is one of these circular arguments. This is because women act as if […]

The Realtor And The Undertaker

Whenever a woman says that she is open about her feelings, we have two quantities, a known and an unknown. Her outward display is the known, and the inward reality is – as with every other human being – the unknown. There is no independent access to the latter, so we cannot check the emotional […]

From Prisoners Of Hormones To Bluestocking Rationality – And Back Again

One might be excused for thinking that both sexes started life with much the same affective circuitry and neurochemistry. While science has demonstrated real differences in cognitive processing abilities and styles between the sexes (that is, between the averages of each sex), I am not aware of any scientific work demonstrating that women are “more […]

The Tactics Of The “Real”

A woman is forever asking a man to tell her what he “really” feels, which suggests that the contrast between “real emotion” and “unreal emotion” is for her a dominant paradigm. An intelligent man with a lively sense of self-preservation might make some interesting deductions from the prominence of that dichotomy in the female mind. […]

The Language Of Command

It is one of the deepest assumptions of our culture that displayed emotions are both real and spontaneous emotions. This serves to demonstrate that the deepest assumptions of our culture are not in fact patriarchal at all, but rather gynocratic. For any doubt as to whether these things called emotions truly are real and spontaneous […]

The Cloud Of Unknowing

Women love to claim that men are emotionally stupid because they are unable to intuit what a woman is thinking and feeling. Whether or not men do in fact intuit what women are thinking and feeling is intrinsically unknowable; all we can know is that what women tell us about what they were actually thinking […]

Girls Of Twists And Turns On The Wine-Dark Sea

In Homer, as everyone knows, the sea was generally “wine-dark”, the Achaeans were often “strong-greaved”, Menelaus is typically “the lord of the war-cry” – and, in the Odyssey, a standard epithet is “girls with their tender hearts”. Homer did this sort of thing in order to fill up the line in the correct metre, an […]

The Soul And Its Lover

Everyone who has been paying attention now knows that female beauty is verbal shorthand for the male brain’s response to Phi, a mathematical ratio between various facial and bodily measurements in a woman. Does it work the other way round? It may seem as if less attention has been paid to female preference in men. […]