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The Same Rabbit That Went Into It

We have been made so accustomed to describing, opposing and apologising for the male as the “dominant” sex that we have been rendered quite unable to consider the possibility that this discourse might in fact be a tactical instrument of the female sex in maintaining a position that, if not actually dominant, is at any […]

The Will To Power

It may seem a paradox that Norway, which gives itself such airs about its leadership in human rights, gender equality and any other virtue it can dream up has one of the most gender-segregated labour markets on the planet – far more segregated than that of many so-called developing countries. Engineering, finance and entrepreneurship are […]

The Economics Of The Black Widow

Being by definition the party who is nutritionally and energetically exploited in gestation, the female may be forgiven for redressing the balance by making the male pay a high price for his inseminations. This redress takes a number of different forms in the animal kingdom. In some species the male acquires prey, summons a female […]

Flipping The Drawing

People cry “Exploitation!” so readily that we tend to forget that this is the name, not of an objective property of the universe, but of a particular interpretation of the ethics of a situation. We should be particularly cautious when the cry is raised by one of the parties. For me to be “exploited” means […]

Two Thought Experiments On Dominance

Were we to take the Starship Enterprise to a planet where the females were allowed to go out to work if they wanted, but were by no means obliged to do so, and where the male was absolutely obliged to support her whether she chose to or not; and where everything she earned by working […]

Yet Another Small Drawing-Flipping Exercise

A columnist described how the Labour leader John Prescott, who had been caught having an affaire, had used his ‘power’ to conquer this ‘young powerless woman’. The nature of the power used is not, however, specified; I was not aware that Ministers of the Crown had statutory authority over the bodies of nubile females. But […]

The Patriarchality Of Feminist Rhetoric

Recent scientific advances have taught us that the Book of Genesis had it backwards about Adam’s rib, for the female is the basic biological design, the default setting so to speak. This being so, the male must be some sort of tailored mutation, a special tool for a particular purpose. That purpose is obviously shuffling, […]

The Seljuk Succession

In 1092 a Seljuk sultan and his powerful vizier were assassinated more or less at the same time, thus leaving a power vacuum. As usual in a polygamous system, a number of young half-brothers were left as pretenders to the throne, pushed forward by their ambitious mothers, who in turn were backed by different factions […]

Putting The Emperor Out To Stud

It is a facile assumption that the enormous harems of oriental despotisms were great fun for the rulers and thereby entirely their own idea. When we learn that the Ottoman sultan had to make obeisance to his mother before going into any of his women, however, we may begin to wonder; when we read how […]

Upgrading The Males Of The Tribe

Whenever there are not enough food resources, all animals fight over them. Whenever they are not scarce, males fight over females, of which there are never enough. “Women”, it has been said, “are the currency and reward of male violence”. Everything that men do is ultimately reducible to a struggle to gain access to women; […]