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Men As Aristotle’s God?

Aristotle described the deity as the “Unmoved Mover”, that is, an entity who acted upon others, but itself was never acted on. “First Cause” is another name for the same concept, a cause that is not itself caused by anything. Now, it is a universal human predilection to explain one’s own less than admirable behaviour […]

The Joys Of Dispositional Attribution

When women complain that men are acting like tough-guy assholes, and men that women are being bitchy, both sides are making a crucial assumption: that the other party is behaving like this because it is their nature. In cognitive attribution theory this is called a dispositional explanation. But people do things for one of two […]

Situational And Dispositional Attributions In The Home

It is a commonplace that male alcoholism and domestic violence is transmitted behaviour, that is, patterns that sons learn from their fathers by imitation. A quite different explanation is, however, deployed for female nagging and denigration, even when this reaches quite extreme and obsessive levels. Such behaviour is always described by respectable women as a […]

Incentives To Gender Hatred

It is never necessary to emphasise female fear and hatred of men as a rational response to male behaviour. This specific direction of cause and effect may be safely taken for granted, as everyone on the planet has long been trained to think of men as the agents and women as the acted-upon. That training […]

We Don’t Want No Bi-O-Logy

The biologists say that taxonomy, that is, how an animal is classified, what other animals it is related to and so forth, is a poor predictor of social behaviour. A species’ mating strategy is much more a function of the ecological niche it occupies, that is, what situation its members are facing. Small wonder that […]

How To Make Female Action Invisible

In most mammalian species it is the females who possess the resource basis – the range, the grass and so forth – and the males who seek to control them. The nature of the ecology dictates the extent to which the females must congregate to exploit the resources: this in turn dictates the mating pattern, […]

Pondus’ Friends And The Two Sisters

A Norwegian comic strip has the main character reporting that friends had broken up on the grounds that “He was schtupping both her sisters regularly”. The patriarchal verb-object structure is worth noting, the man seems to have all the agency and the two sisters seem passive and without a say in the matter. Is this […]

Perverse Men Or Perverse Incentives?

The underlying principle of all radical-feminist thought – if not at academic then at “street” level – is that women are what they are because men have wickedly shaped them that way, whereas men are what they are out of sheer gratuitous perversity. When applied to any subject other than men, of course, this constitutes […]

Producing For The Market; Two Case Histories

A friend tells me that at one point in her life she pretended to be a “bitch”. Although in my jurisdiction this word is proscribed as insulting to women, what I mean by it is someone of either gender who thinks that self-esteem and happiness are a scarce resource, of which everyone else should be, […]

For The Love Of Eve

Modern women complain bitterly about the Biblical story of the Fall, wherein misogynistic priests fingered Eve as the weak-willed and gullible party who listened to the serpent. The whole thing is attributed to a desire to exculpate Adam; typical men, they say, to put all the blame on their wives! Whether women are always the […]