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Matriarchy As Unobtainium

A common trope of science fiction written by women is matriarchy; in the sense either of an all-female planet or of a society ruled by women. (One even finds male harems for powerful women; it’s only wrong when we do it.) Fair enough, this is what science fiction is for, to imagine different ways of […]

Overthrowing The Primal Matriarchy

H.L. Mencken once suggested that the greatest scientific discovery in human history was that men were necessary for conception. This led, he said, to the fall of matriarchy, and men ascending thrones clutching their, ahem, sceptres. We cannot be sure that such a thing ever actually happened, but it might have done; it is at […]

Another View Of The Patriarchal Overthrow

An older generation of feminists argued that women were given to vicious intrigues over nothing because they were shut out from professional and scholarly-scientific life. It is perfectly true that if you are not allowed to do anything important, you obsess over trivia. Harem politics are what you get if women have nothing to think […]

Of Monkeys And Matriarchs

Those who consider “patriarchy” a human cultural invention need to explain just why the exchange of females between male kinship-groups is not a general mammalian pattern, but is more or less limited to three closely related species: humans, chimpanzees and gorillas. Even in other primate species it is the males who transfer out of the […]

Power Politics Without A Penis

A lot of academic ink, and even occasionally some scholarly ink, has been spilt on the phallic language of male power. True enough, men’s metaphors of power politics are generally connected with their genital equipment, its quality and its vigorous employment, consensual or otherwise. From which is commonly deduced that power politics is derived entirely […]

Flying The Great Circle Route

How do we know that a matriarchal society would be perfectly peaceful, egalitarian, just and generally life-affirming, given that none actually exist? Because the male principle is responsible for war, oppression and injustice, it is inherently death-oriented. How do we know that to be the case? Because that is what real human societies are like, […]

Matriarchy, Equality And Plutogynarchy

That all men are oppressing all women is good news for the power elite; now maybe no one will now worry about some men and some women oppressing all other men and all other women. Much academic ink, literary ink and even airport-bookstall ink, has been split on the possibility that human beings used to […]

Living In Grass Huts

Camille Paglia sees civilisation, not as a history of male victimisation of women but as men, “driven by sexual anxiety away from their mothers, forming group alliances by male bonding to create the complex structures of society, art, science and technology.” I do not necessarily accept the Freudian family romance of this sexual anxiety, although […]