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Can Mankind Learn?

There is a particular genre of edifying literature that talks all the time about Humanity with a capital H as the subject of all sorts of verbs – doing, mastering, advancing, learning and so forth. Some SF does the same. As C. S. Lewis pointed out generations ago, however, it is not a matter of […]

Evolution And Joachim Di Fiore

Such is the popular understanding of evolution that some American preachers have indignantly denied that monkey females could give birth to human beings. An equally ludicrous error is found among their enemies the fluffy progressives, namely that evolution is somehow about becoming better or nicer. The notion of the “ascent of Man” from animality to […]

The Pinnacle Of Evolution?

Not only is evolution not a thing, and so cannot “march” anywhere, but living creatures are not “marching” either. They are merely changing. Except that this phrase is equally misleading; for of course it is not that any given creature is changing, but rather that a later creature is differing from an earlier creature. When […]

The Omega Point?

Charlie Stross has observed that we are as stupid as it is possible for an intelligent species to be, there being no evolutionary pressure to be any smarter. What he means by this gnomic remark is that all creatures are on a very strict energy budget. Wastefulness is penalised, inasmuch as another individual of the […]