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A Linguistic Misunderstanding

The Sixties and Seventies, with their infinitely expanding economy, redistributionist social policies and idealised promiscuity, probably saw the proportion of women doing sex work reach an all time low. This epoch was therefore apt to misunderstand the moral discourse of an earlier age, when almost every woman was either already on the game or else […]

Shaw’s Indecent Proposal

George Bernard Shaw is said to have made a debating-point – for Shaw himself may have been an asexual and would probably not in fact have taken her up on it – by asking a “respectable” woman whether she would sleep with him for a thousand pounds, probably several million in our money. She said, […]

No To Non-Union Labour

It may have been his dinner companion’s professed willingness to sleep with him for a thousand pounds and her indignation at the idea of doing so for ten pounds that led Bernard Shaw to define conventional sexual morality as “the trade unionism of married women”. For what is the essence of trade unionism? Answer, collective […]

The Vital Miscalibration

There is another reason why the respectable woman hates the prostitutes, and in fact hates the escort or courtesan even more than the streetwalker. This concerns not undercutting on price, but calibration of judgment. Women appraise men not only directly, via overt characteristics, but indirectly, via the women that the men have succeeded in attracting. […]

The Terminology Of Abuse

Inasmuch as both women and men use “whore” as a term of abuse, they may have different reasons. The female perspective is that prostitutes are undercutting the union rates for carnal relations, namely a minimum of sex for lifetime support. This is why women call other women “whores” even when these are demonstrably not getting […]

Look Before You Leap

It has been suggested that the prevalence of prostitution is directly correlated with the decline of concubinage. That is, when ordinary sexual relationships become harder to end without horrible ecclesiastical, legal or financial consequences, men became more cautious about getting into them in the first place. It would seem to follow that the high-water mark […]

“I Say, Old Chap, There Are Ladies Present!”

As far as I can see, there is no satisfactory Wikipedia account of the concept of “dirty joke”. I was hoping that it might shed some light on just why these have been reprobated in mixed company. One well understands why women do not want to listen to adolescent male potty and dick humour, any […]

Fair Game

It is perfectly true that the customer “creates a market” for the prostitute. However, this argument is less impressive when voiced, as once in my own experience, by a woman whose primary sexual hunting-ground was the husbands of her “friends”. Such a professional Other Woman “creates a market” for male adulterers and thereby increases the […]