Mission Accomplished

During the Cold War, the peoples of the East were wretchedly groaning under the yoke of the Communist Party, instead of, as they ought to have been, wretchedly groaning under the yoke of Western corporations. In the Yeltsin era, however, Western goals were finally achieved. It was a fair exchange: Western companies invested in the ex-communist bloc, while Eastern European mafias set up shop in the West. Ordinary Russians and Ukrainians became far worse off than they were under the Soviet Union, while a new class of vulgar, extravagant multi-billionaire criminal-businessmen was created for their Western opposite numbers to play with, and in some cases imitate.

In those days there was a bitter Russian joke: “Now we realise that everything Pravda told us about communism was a lie, but that everything it told us about capitalism was true.” The rest of us had to wait until 2008 to get it.

We may wonder whether even Gorbachev was assuming that the truth about the West simply had to be different from what was written in Pravda. Why else could he have expected that, if he dissolved the Warsaw Pact, then NATO would follow suit?

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