Seek Not Excess

Gordon Gecko can open his mouth and pronounce the phonemes, “Greed is Good”, but by doing so he convicts himself of a stunted vocabulary. For “greed” is one of these words that conveys our disapproval. A more neutral term would have been “acquisitiveness”. You may, if you wish, say that acquisitiveness is good; but the word greed means an acquisitiveness that the rest of us consider so extreme as to be wicked. Are Gecko and his real-life imitators, therefore, almost a kind of Satanist, saying that the rest of us are mistaken, because the extreme acquisitiveness that humanity has almost universally condemned is in fact good, despite what everyone has said? Or are they trying to move the goalposts, suggesting that their own acquisitiveness is not so extreme as to deserve the condemnation, while allowing the possibility that a deplorable acquisitiveness exists further on? Or are we merely looking at people whose acquisitiveness has not left them time to learn the meaning of words in their native language?

Done in Bergen
(Fiddle date-stamp to December 30, 2011)

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