Euthanasia For Doctors Only

Sigmund Freud, who for decades had suffered from cancer of the mouth, refused analgesics until the end. He then had himself prescribed a lethal sedative. In the same way, I am informed that modern doctors afflicted with painful and terminal conditions regularly make their quietus with an overdose of morphine, without necessarily being willing to extend the same courtesy to their patients. Or, even if they are, they refrain from doing so for fear of prosecution for murder. That is to say, nobody seems to worry about euthanasia when doctors practice it on themselves. Perhaps this is because the prime concern of euthanasia opponents is doctors offing their patients for some personal gain or other; or perhaps it is due to a resentment of doctors, so that when they off themselves the attitude is “good riddance”; or perhaps again it represents caste thinking, whereby doctors have the privilege of evading the alleged redemptive value of suffering vouchsafed to the rest of us.

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