Four Options Au St. Paul

Number One, do not know the Law, be a happy pagan. This is a lot harder than people used to think in the days when they talked about “shrugging off” this or that belief-system. It takes more than a Gallic gesture to uninstall two thousand years of deep programming, which in turn involves a lot more mental furniture than believing that masturbation will make you blind.

Number Two, know the Law and follow it. This is also very difficult, because the moment it gets into the hands of the lawyers and priests, it is designed to be impossible to follow, so they can charge us for the violations.

For that reason the third option, and a very popular one, is to do stuff while pretending that it constitutes following the Law. The scribes and Pharisees will actually help you with this, as they are in the same game.

Number Four is not following the Law at all, or pretending to, but claiming that some outside power has done the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to. Some of the people who choose this option nevertheless try to follow some moral code, even though they have just proven to themselves that they don’t need to; others invent entertaining doctrines to the effect that the heavy lifting means you can do just what you like, and that salvation requires you to have sinned thoroughly.

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