We Can Remember Yesterday For You

In recent times we have seen the same economic and other mistakes committed about a decade apart, as if we have no collective memory. Well, perhaps we don’t, perhaps the men who brought us the last banking crisis were still in short pants for the one before that. This would repay us for a culture that values only youth, greed and hysterically overblown self-esteem. Those of us who are older than 25, have heard of the Great Depression and can find France on the map, are beginning to feel like dinosaurs – or Cassandras. If this social amnesia continues, will the future have any use for intelligent wrinklies, at least to tell it what happened on the planet before its cheapest-bidder IT systems went into meltdown? We would have to be external consultants, as the last person who knew anything about anything was just squeezed out to make room for today’s senior-management remuneration increase. And external consultants are the only people they are prepared actually to pay anything, hmmmm. No, don’t book that holiday, society will prefer its amnesia. After all, it is not as if the last bunch of ignorant looters have actually suffered anything, is it?

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