Gatsby Lite

What the catchphrase “the consumer society” was actually about was buying the support of the lower middle classes by allowing them to behave like the pernickety, demanding Madams of the upper middles of a century before, forever kvetching about how you can’t get good help and the laziness of the servants. For of course your inferiors ought to work their butts off for you irrespective of reward.

Now, I am no more fond of incompetence in office than the next man, and I do not like the gutting of what is called “consumer” protection against lead in our water and ghod knows what in our food. But at the same time I would recall that most people are producers as well as consumers, and that you are poisoned by lead in your water in equal measure whether you think of yourself as a producer or as a consumer. And I wonder whether the choice of term was meant to imply that producer-consumers like most of us were somehow inferior to a pure consumer enjoying her unearned leisure.

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