So Where Were They?

The Boston Herald complains that the new generation of girls has been so thoroughly imprinted with the idea that nothing matters except looks and sartorial excellence that they cannot see any other possible mode of being. So what took you so long to notice?

Once upon a time, feminists endeavoured to have a work in the world that was more important than looks, clothes and baubles. Someone who knows the whole history of the movement, instead of merely someone who has lived through it as a boo-hiss, needs to explain to us how this came to be forgotten. The cui bono? principle tells us that it was The Man who dunnit, for the reason that there is more money to be made from vapid bimbos than from rocket scientists, and more still from insecure malcontent bimbos. This we can see, but where was the opposition? Just who took the decision that shopaholia was feminist?

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