Queen Anne’s Dead

The New Yorker once ran a piece entitled “Why Women Have Sex”, by two University of Texas scientists. They said that the search for “pink Viagra” was leading to much research into female response (it’s something we want to know only if there’s money in it, clearly), and the female orgasm was found to be very different from the male (well, d’oh). Of greater interest was the diversity, they said – from altruistic to borderline evil (that’s not true of men, then?). Some women even reported having sex to give someone a STD or for revenge.

Perhaps one day researchers will tell us something we don’t know about female sexuality. This ought to centre upon, not what happens in a woman’s nervous system when she comes, but the differences between what a woman tells scientists about her sexuality and what really goes on. To this end we need to get away from the self-promoting talk and once again get as hands-on as Masters and Johnson.

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