A Statutory Duty To Read Minds

A feminist blog commentator elsewhere writes: “plenty of men can’t really tell the difference between performative sexuality and actual desire in women”. I think that this is a jargon-y way of saying, “We can’t tell when she is faking it”. Well, no, we often can’t, and whose fault is that? If our inability testifies to the quality of all the hard work women put into pretending to be enjoying sex when they aren’t, what is so disgraceful about that?

The context should be a clue; if by “performative sexuality” the blogger meant a woman doing a bump and grind routine on the stage, then fair enough, a man who confuses this with actual desire is an idiot. But I suspect that the application was wider; that if a woman, for her own reasons, comes on to us and acts out concupiscence, it is ignorant and reprehensible of us to believe in it.

I should like to ask, does she really want us to be fierce cynics here, and to believe that every show of female desire is “performative”, that is, fake, even when it isn’t? If we did that, then truly libidinous women would never get laid – unless, of course, it were to be enshrined in law that women must get everything they want and nothing they do not want. The Swedes will probably enact that next year.

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