What We Are For

At a species level, the main purpose of men is destructive testing of genetic product. The women play “Let’s You and Him Fight” and breed with the winner. Next comes hiring out to mothers who want to dispose of other women’s offspring so as to make straight the way for their own. This is called dynastic politics, endemic violence and war. It must be admitted, though, that it is not easy to watch this in action in your average neighbourhood. How the hired-security game works in a pacific society is a large question.

Even if our main purpose here is not to murder our woman’s competitors and their children, however, that does not mean it has to be what the romance magazines think it is. If the main business of woman has shifted from nobbling other women’s posterity to making them feel inferior through style, well, men must be their instruments in that, too. The deal is, we are resources on the hoof to finance their playing of the status game. The woman with the best swag wins, and most women, not being corporate titans, need us to procure the swag.

Exactly who procures the swag is self-evidently less important, which is why many a woman does not want any particular man as much as she wants to be married as such. Women wish to attract us in order to keep score and burnish their self-image, not because they want or respect us. The problem with sex is that it is such a suboptimal way of getting attention. Many women don’t really want to share sexual pleasure with us, nor do they want to share the children. Women used to talk about “getting him out of the house”; they want us to buy the house for them, not to live in it with them.

If we mean what we say about wanting to please women, then why do we not put our money where our mouths are, and get out of their way? There used to be a colonial figure called the “remittance man”, whose family supported him in some far-flung corner of the Empire on condition he stayed there rather than disgracing them some more at home. We could reverse this, and send the women the same proportion of our income as they would spend anyway on their grooming competition, on condition that they let us go to far-flung corners in peace. The problem with this plan would be that most men have no idea what to do with their time other than mirroring the female competition in strut and bluster. They would need to grow an interior life to enjoy a room of their own, so to speak.

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