Surprised By Notifications

Taking the train with people born in the Nineties, I wonder at the way none of them look out of the window, no matter what wonders are to be seen there. They go home, not with selfies of themselves next to the Matterhorn, at which they have never glanced, but thousand of selfie close-ups that could have been taken anywhere. I shall never understand this, I think we are seeing a speciation event.

Another thing I wonder about is where the next generation is going to come from. I mean, how are you going to get it on if you never look up from your screen? Oh, silly me, they have apps for that. The phone probably tells them that there is a cool boy two carriages down. Would they lower their iPhone Defence Line (“I am too cool to be available for conversation with the likes of you”) if that cool boy wandered up past them, or can they not conceive of glancing at him if he has not already used the app? I lack the information, but the thing could be studied experimentally. Or perhaps they only meet and mate in sites officially licensed for that purpose. At any rate, these people are never going to experience a Meet Cute, a chance meeting that leads to something, even if it is unexpected and does not accord with what they have declared on Facebook. This generation will never experience a romantic surprise. I think they may have lost something.

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