Three Shades Of Spirito-Babble

Whenever someone says, “Things can be true in special ways”, hang onto your wallet and look for the exit. This locution is a pointer to someone trying to believe an obvious lie.

For some people, having a “spiritual life” is completely indefinable, but nevertheless gives them permission to launch polemics against all sorts of things, united only by the accusation that whatever-it-is is “not spiritual”. There is no content to the judgement that could not be replaced by making a rude noise against the back of your hand, but it is intended to sound as if it actually means something.

Ignorance of old-school Christian theology, in which the word “spirit” is not a synonym for “good” but refers to a different order of being – both angels and demons – lets people imagine that if they are talking wuffly nonsense, then they are being “spiritual”, and if they are being “spiritual”, then they are being ipso facto virtuous. But the worst sins, the old Christians used to say, are the spiritual ones.

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