Cherryh Informally Banned

The specialist SF bookseller in this city does not stock anything by C. J. Cherryh, on the grounds that they don’t sell. In other words, Norwegians want nothing to do with her. This is probably because she refuses to play the Nordic game of “Two legs good, three legs bad”; she deploys bad men, good men, good women and bad women, which in Norway is simply unacceptable.

In particular, Cherryh is acutely aware of the existence of dominant, ignorant, stupid, egotistical or abusive females, which puts her in a whole parallel universe from Norwegian orthodoxy. I desire, and Cherryh would have no problems granting, the permission to say, “This (particular) woman is a fool!”

Her less admirable female characters, such as Ariane Emory the First, are as unwelcome here as an Ayn Rand industrialist hero would have been under Stalin. But for the wrong reasons. The slightest disapproval of a particular woman’s actions, let alone the creation of a female anti-hero, provokes the Norwegian cock-a-doodle-do cry of “You Hate All Women!” We have not enforced this censorship with prison camps yet, give it another five years.

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