Two Models For The Coming Age

China has something called the Fifty-Cent Army. These are citizens who blog and comment for the government, at 50 cents the post. We have, I think, seen the beginning of this in the West, but it is not as well organised as in China. It might grow out of a mass fascist-type party, or it might equally well form the seed of one.

Under the Terms of Service of IT companies, everything you might ever possibly do constitutes breach of contract, which means that you can be kicked off the service at any time. This would be a good model for the State, especially where the relationship between state and citizen is conceived of as a contract – a real, contingent one, not the heuristic abstraction of the Enlightenment thinkers. Being “kicked off the service” might then mean being denied all forms of aid and protection, almost outlawry, or else it might merge with the old legal principle, “Whatever is not permitted is forbidden” to equate minor violation of the Terms of Service with felony. Since everyone would then be a technical felon, anyone remotely inconvenient could be sent to labour camp. A population such as the British that has already accepted the extrajudicial administrative punishments called Behaviour Orders will be quite unable to turn around on this slippery slope.

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