“White Slavery” In Demand

One of the less well-known drivers of Nazism was the meme that white European maidens were being sold into sexual slavery in the Ottoman Empire and its successor states, specifically by the Jews of Salonica. The real history of the thing was that large numbers of East European peasant girls were indeed being trafficked, with roving entrepreneurs paying the parents, perhaps under false pretences, but then the parents would say that, wouldn’t they? Jews were involved in the trade, to be sure, but primarily within the shetl, that is, they were preying on their own. The figure of the swarthy Jewish sexual slaver kidnapping apple-cheeked Polish and Ukrainian maidens for the Ottoman harems appears to be a figment of the prurient Gentile imagination.

There is another datapoint from this period, with the Vienna Exhibition of 1873. The Shah of Persia came to visit, causing great excitement. Penniless Viennese girls were making application to be, quote, haremised, unquote, by the Muslim monarch. A city newspaper had to warn what it called “negligent parents” that the Shah could not absorb them all.

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