Let’s Not Even Listen

Evolutionary explanations of human sexual selection, otherwise known as female sexual choice, have concentrated on youth, fertility, status and parental commitment. It is complained that the evolutionists ignore the qualities stressed by respondent surveys such as intelligence, humour and creativity.

But ignoring the survey data is precisely the right thing to do. For, when answering surveys about their sexual choices, everyone lies. What they say does not reflect what they do, it expresses what they want to think about themselves. If a woman gets the impression that getting turned on by humour means that she is a superior person, lo and behold, she will put down humour as a key factor. If you could persuade her that fancying men who tortured cats made her a better person, in the next survey she would claim to be drawn to cat-torturers. None of this survey stuff means a damned thing.

Posted on June 12, 2012 at 14:00 by Hugo Grinebiter · Permalink
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