Put Us In Gas Vans Instead!

The criminalisation of the purchase of sex, which began in Sweden, is not immediately visible as eugenics – of which there is a strong tradition in Scandinavia. But please consider: the position that buying sex “is” rape, combined with the dworkinista position that any sex that the woman later regrets “is” rape (also enshrined, just ask Julian Assange), logically demands that the only lawful sex is that which the woman positively enjoys, both now and in recollection. The natural female desire for good sex now carries the force of law! (The equally natural male desire for easy or plentiful sex, of course, does not.)

Consider next: how may such a desire best be satisfied? By having your sex only with superior specimens, human animals of such quality that they can free the woman from all regrets, that traumatic state against which the Swedish State wants to guarantee her. The State thus enters the business of sexual selection, or eugenics.

Ever since 22-7, all Norwegian male sexual losers have been repeatedly and explicitly identified with mass murderers, on the grounds that Anders Behring Breivik was both. Americans complain about having the race card played at them; well, we have the Breivik card played at us. As if being unattractive, awkward, and generally unable to get a date were not bad enough in itself, it is now routinely suggested that we are all squirrels likely to gun down teenagers the moment we are left at liberty to do so. We should all be subject, apparently, to special surveillance if not preventative treatment.

But if being sexually frustrated must inevitably lead to killing nearly fourscore people, while purchasing sexual services is to be subsumed under rape, trafficking and terrorism, what is a poor reject to do? Obviously we ought never to have been born, and yet nobody is taking the logical next step and advocating a eugenics programme to weed out future uncool males.

If buying sex is rape, trafficking and terrorism, and yet the sexual frustration of the unattractive male can cause a huge murder spree, what is the poor sexual loser to do? The Nazis were more merciful than the Scandinavians, whose eugenic attitudes leave the discards alive to be demonised. Or perhaps the Swedes are even now researching how to wire sexual losers up to power the electricity grids. Take the blue-and-yellow pill…

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