The Dualist Escape

We are forever being told how good and beautiful and wonderful human sexuality is, by writers who appear never in their lives to have been deprived of it. This may tell us something about the sex lives of journalists. The “tertiary eunuch”, however, does not like to be told about the unity of body and spirit, since no one wants his body; like someone with a wasting disease, he needs to make the dualist escape; this body, which no one wants, is not me. He might well be wrong about this, philosophically speaking, but it is foolish for psychologists and students of religion to wonder why people have defined their sexuality as their enemy without at least asking them how their social fate affects their self-consciousness.

One reason for believing in the nonsensical concept of “spirit” may be equal opportunity: for this “spirit” thing is supposedly available to all, while “flesh” is only for the Elect – not in the Calvinist sense, but the Elect of this world. That is, “flesh” exists only within a matrix of biological winners and biological losers, while “spirit” appears to offer an escape for the latter.

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