The Bottom Line

Hamilton proved that the main advantage of sexual reproduction is that the genetic shuffle confuses the parasites. (From the point of view of the parasite, of course, animal biology is a police state and sex is its most powerful tool for preventing you making an honest living.) Since no one individual carries a complete set of immune-system tools to destroy invaders, good resistance is achieved by having parents with different sets and thereby a wider coverage. Indeed, mice with similar immunological profiles avoid mating, guided by smell; and such profiles in humans are also correlated with subjective experience of a pleasant odour. There is, however, an alternative theory of human scents, namely that they work by enhancing the self-confidence of the wearer, not by turning on the target. At any rate, experiments have been performed to see whether pheromone-based sexual judgment may be subverted with the aid of bottled fatty acids from human secretions. If this works, the true love philtre may just be around the corner. If so, it will then be that much harder for the religious, the prudish and the grinders of axes to pretend that Homo sapiens’ mating preferences are anything to do with an alleged Inner Self, Spirit or Soul. And what will we do when we really understand that we are all Queen Titania?

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