Miltonic Computers

The whole point of angels is that they do not replicate; in the Cathar mythology, they wept when they found themselves imprisoned by Satan in gendered carcasses, that is, when they became ourselves. Being undying, indestructible, self-sustaining and without the drive to breed, angels have no reason to strive for resources or reproductive success. In theory, therefore, they ought to be peaceful and benevolent. Their sole motive for making trouble would have to be an abstract desire for pre-eminence, unrelated to reproductive success, a.k.a. “pride”; and indeed this is the reason given by Milton for the rebellion of Lucifer and his supporters. The question is, however, whether such prideful angels are merely a projection of human psychology; that is, if there really were such a thing as an order of immortal and non-replicating beings, would it make sense for them to covet pre-eminence among their own kind? If we ever create artificial intelligences, we might need to think about this.

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