Some Aunties Do Have ‘Em

The school of thought that attributes altruism to kin selection should be asked to explain the way the aunts of my generation liked to buy their nephews things like argyle diamond-pattern cardigans. Come to think of it, some mothers did too. And yet any sitcom should have made it abundantly clear, even to them, that any man wearing a button-up diamond-pattern cardigan was a nerdy loser. Just who decided that they made a male too naff for a girl to look at is another question: the present one is what this says about the putative kin drive to assure offspring and collaterals of reproduction and progeny. Clearly there is a more important drive operating, a drive to celibacy of the kin. Might it be status, the desire to have neighbours playing the same game say, “What a nice boy”?

Posted on August 17, 2011 at 10:24 by Hugo Grinebiter · Permalink

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