The Enslaving Mammal, Fortune Cookies

One of the truths that humanity expends a lot of energy disguising is that all economies are actually kleptocracies. People may talk like Rand of “trading” between equals, but the real bottom line is extraction. The ruling African metaphor is “eating”, and eating is not a trade.

If anyone thinks that servants do not require adequate remuneration, but serve their betters out of some kind of altruistic call of duty, this is not the traditional aristocrat but rather the middle classes, who have only just now become “betters”.

If a small farmer decides to take the summer off for fishing, is it meaningful to call him “lazy”? Who has the right to decide that he should rather put in a new fence than eat trout? The term “lazy” should be a flag that we are talking about the interests of an outside party: you cannot be lazy if you work for yourself (and take the consequences). The word laziness – in the context of productive labour, rather than domestic chores – means that you are not giving ME as much of the fruits of your labour as I want.

It is uneconomic to eat people when you can enslave them instead. Can that be the reason why humanity has taboo against cannibalism?

I wonder whether we have gotten our slavery theory the wrong way around, thinking that people oppress others in order to get more money. Suppose they want more money in order better to oppress people?

Soon there will be only one question: whether we should be meaner or nicer to the servants. But who is this “we”? Yes, of course that is a question for the one per cent. But for the rest of us, if we are lucky their servants, there will also be only one question: whether we should hate our masters or hate the unemployed.

Someone with more gift than I for pastiche au The Onion is hereby invited to write a performance appraisal review for a Louisianan slave in the modern style of Human Resources bullshit.

What makes slavery possible is the wish to live just ten minutes longer.

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