Tugging The Forelock And Losing Your Shirt

The Americans are quite wrong to consider British titles to be empty dignity and flummery. They have a very important function, namely to assist with consumer and investment fraud. If a scam has a peer on its Board, people will be more willing to invest in it, lend it money and generally give it the credence it would not have were the Chairman to be called Joe Bloggs rather than Lord Bloggs of Neasden. That example suggests a life peer, that is, some plebeian crook “ennobled” for contribution to party funds, but the hereditaries can play, too. After all, how did these get their titles in the first place? From upstanding service to the nation or the horizontal service of their wives to Charles II?

Yes, Brits are more willing to entrust their money to Lord Bloggs or the Earl of Much-Binding-in-the-Marsh, saving fraudsters on prospectus and advertising costs. But can Americans, with their celebrity culture, really cast the first stone? Would a fake charity fronted by a starlet “famous for being famous” raise more money, yes or no?

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