Sweeney On The Underground

I look at men on the U-Bahn, reflecting on how they all have dicks and want to use them, in pretty much the same way. Truly, one’s own sexual drive is nothing special. The most refined intellectual or artist shares his basic sexuality with “apenecked Sweeney”. And calling our own drive by uniquely pretty names is simply dishonest. Those who believe that sex is “spiritual” and “transcendent” need to be asked whether it is equally spiritual and transcendent when their wives are having it with the cable guy.

Which moves me to look on the women on the train in the same light, as potential Sweeney-esses. For many of us it is not as easy to reflect on how “they all want to fuck, too”. Most of my generation were brought up with ferocious female propaganda insisting that women were more evolved creatures who desired only the spiritual fulfilment of a “union” with Mr. Right (preferably a celibate one, since decent women were indignantly above all that nasty animal stuff); and in a later generation, insisting that all hetero-intercourse was rape, as “women” did not enjoy it. (If younger people do not understand what I am talking about here, this is surely a sign of progress.)

So far from wickedly viewing women as sexual objects, the victims of this conditioning had trouble seeing them as sexual beings at all – they were rendered unable to discern the sexual appetite hiding beneath the respectable (and later PC) we-are-so-superior diatribes. We tend to assume they are sitting there superciliously looking down those noses at us men, whom they need in the same way as a fish needs a bicycle, whereas in reality they might be wetting their undies with frustration. Such as us are not likely to find out.

Of course, not all men were so conditioned. Some naturally see fuck-readiness as the default setting, even of the “woman on the Ottakring train”. And so, provided that they are reasonably polite about it, these are the sexually successful men.

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