How To Live Like Film Stars

A common feminist meme is that the trade in hookers from Eastern Europe is caused by the demand. By which is meant that the phenomenon is caused by the wickedness of customers. In point of fact, the market is saturated – there are far too many East European prostitutes for the demand.

They will tell you that they came west because they needed money. But nobody analyses exactly what that means. Are women qualifying as doctors and engineers, but are even then unable to find employment and having to sell sexual services instead? That would be tragic, but what you find instead is that the usual occupation in which these hookers failed to make ends meet was doing other women’s hair and nails. Now, hairdressing and manicuring are legitimate pursuits, unless and until they reach the point of trying to employ a third of the female workforce and the point where everyone imagines that they do not need to study, as they can make their living from painting the nails of strangers as they have long done those of their pals. How exactly did this become the dream of every girl who cannot aspire to becoming a doctor or engineer; and must not the parties responsible for this career perception share the responsibility for the hordes of Romanian manicurists working in Western sex clubs?

The other great unexamined meme is that the East Europeans come to hook because they cannot afford to buy stuff. Ah, but what stuff? Are we talking about groceries here, baby clothes or designer handbags? There may be no one single factor behind thousands of women going on the game, both East Europeans and everyone else, but the closest we come is an addiction to luxury goods. Some hook to put food on the table, some hook to support people back home, but a lot more seem to be hooking to buy designer shoes every time they pass a mall. Because they honestly consider this a necessity of life.

Now, if everyone were like the wave of feminism I remember from my youth, intent on getting a good education, determined to earn their own incomes rather than sponging off men, and thus dressing simply or even grungily, the oldest profession would have died out. In a world in which television has taught that all women are entitled to new luxury branded accessories every week, however, the economics just do not add up. The single biggest driver of the growth of prostitution nowadays is not, therefore, (male-created) sex porn but rather shopping porn – Sex and the City. For some strange reason this is not considered a phallocratic conspiracy in the same way.

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