Gift Tokens

In some societies, and in some subcultures of our own society, when men banter sexually at women, women banter right back at them. The advantages of this are twofold: fun, and being at ease with the opposite sex. In other societies and subcultures, however, sexual banter from men – sometimes even the mildest and most oblique reference – allows women to play the prudery or harassment card. They are now Offended, ergo Victims, ergo entitled to compensation from the perpetrators. That compensation may take the form of grovelling, or concession of benefits, or – best of all – yielding on unrelated matters of dispute. In other words, the male banter or speechcrime constitutes a gift token that the woman can cash in for any tactical advantage that takes her fancy, limited solely by her greed and imagination. The benefits of the more relaxed culture pale by comparison.

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