Apologia Pro Ira Sua

Whatever it might have meant once upon a time, and whatever the dictionaries say, in some milieus “misogyny” now means the most trivial disagreement with or criticism of a woman’s words or deeds. Part and parcel of the malignant meme that all such disagreement or criticism is invariably motivated by “hatred” of women is the assumption that it must be deeply personal, as indeed “hatred” must always be, and thus rooted in personal experiences.

Those who make this assumption normally assume further that this personal animus is motivated by the frustration, at the hands of “strong women”, of their wicked male hankerings after oppressions, exactions and other maltreatment. Or by the failure to get laid, which for the purposes of this meme is the same thing, as male sexuality is automatically evil. Knowing that the slightest objection to anything they say or do can only be due to their non-cooperation with the inherent wickedness of that half of the human race that has different plumbing, informed by something as drastic as hatred, is immensely satisfying to a certain kind of mind.

What is excluded under this model is any concept of reaching a conclusion about the nature of the universe that is not in fact dictated by a man’s richly-deserved psychosexual frustrations at the hands of his betters. This may be a case of judging others by oneself. For we may note that some people just cannot wrap their minds around the thought that a person might observe human behaviour and detect patterns irrespective of their own personal interests, including hormonal experiences – they cannot grasp the idea that not everything is all about their own frustrations in love and sex. Well, if they cannot conceive it, let us hope that we can, and proceed to do so.

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