Selling Discipline

The parents of the Boomers were right to think that their offspring needed to be more disciplined but very stupid in the way they went about achieving this. You cannot say to a young person, “You must do this because you need some discipline”, as if the youngster will then say, “Gosh! You’re right, I need the discipline, I shall do this.” If discipline can be “sold” at all, it has to be sold in the same way as everything else, by its conduciveness to fun, peer-group approval, and the opposite sex.

This may be illustrated, per contraria, by one of the Mma Ramotswe stories. She compliments the mechanics, and then they take a pride in their work. My parents would have tried to make them take a pride in their work by commanding them to take a pride in their work. The narcissist has no understanding of the motivations of others others – they know only their own needs, which for that generation began with the need to tell others what to do

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