The Income Statement

My Alpha says that love does not exist, at least round where she grew up, there is only sex and money. That is indeed how many men think, but she is a female with the same opinion. The possibility of a specifically female critique of the concept of disinterested “love” as the Big Lie is intriguing. She is, however, quite conventional in her belief in maternal love, and so perhaps her critique needs extending. For if men and women game one another, surely parents and children do too: and the name of this game is the baseline economics of “get more than you give”. Emotional distress, heartbreak and many other locutions are the names we give to the condition of having discovered that the other party has outplayed you, in other words that you have given more than you have gotten. At first sight it may seem that the children are always going to win this one, but we should remember that parents are never honest about what they receive from their children, benefits such as social status in the community. Again, at first sight it may seem that men often defeat women in the game, but that is because dressing up the calculus in emotional language is the core female tactic. When their money-and-sex account threatens to fall into deficit, they display what they tell us is emotion, that’s all.

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