The Fall Of Paradise

If religion can be accused of inventing ridiculous paradises, in which there is nothing to do but to play the harp and sing the praises of the Hellenistic ruler, sorry, of God, the same blame attaches to the utopias of science fiction – the most religious literary genre we have. Far too many of these utopias are based on the topos of the Beautiful City, whose good-looking inhabitants appreciate their surroundings without ever taking them for granted, enjoy however they fill their time without ever getting bored, and interact only constructively, without ever plotting, bitching, or destroying other lives. It is to laugh. The only thing that can reasonably be done with such impossible humans is for someone or something to destroy their beautiful city and make naked refugees or dead bodies of the lot of them, ringing the bells of pathos like Euripides or Tolkien. And indeed, in SF this is often done, though rarely as well as that. So what we need is for the Trojan Women treatment to be applied to the Christian Heaven itself.

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