On Men, Women And The Pressing Of Buttons

Camille Paglia’s take on rape and other violence towards women is that it is what happens when men’s Freudian-romance buttons of fear and dependency are pressed, when they feel at risk of being “returned to that slavery and servitude they experienced under a woman’s thumb, when they were a boy in the shadow of their mother”.

Perhaps Paglia’s theory works only for Italian men, or whatever demographic she knows best; even if that is the case, women who constantly generalise to the entire sex from their own experiences have no business throwing the first stone. So I shall throw it instead. I do not recall being humiliated by servitude under my mother. To which some will say that this only proves how very, very repressed I am; but such a claim is unfalsifiable and thereby meaningless. If you can say anything you like about what is in my subconscious mind, without evidence or with only tautological evidence, you are not worth listening to.

Perhaps it is because I did not suffer from the Paglian dependency that I find in my breast no rage towards women, and would probably win a vote for the man least likely to rape one, or beat one up. That is not to say that I have no rage in my breast. Au contraire – I am full of rage, and fantasise frequently about going postal with an AK-47. It is just that all that rage is against men.

My rage is due to the pressing of fear-buttons, just as Paglia says, but not of dependency on the mother; they are pressed by larger, beefier males, which means just about all of them. Especially when they throw their weight around, though sometimes the mere existence of more-brawn-than-brain types can be enough. Yes, I want to kill them dead and stomp on the bits, then bring them to life and do it all over again. If such buttons were pressed by women, I can see how I might have a different approach to them, but they aren’t, and that’s that. My rather Paglian reasons for rage might suggest that her theory is valid, but not about everyone.

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