Post Coitum Omne Animal Triste Est – The Real Reasons

Most women think that sex is about receiving attention and sensual pleasure; a smaller number think that it is about giving attention and sensual pleasure; others again think that it is about both. Well and good, but what about those women whose chief aim in having sex is to purchase rights – rights to post-coital mind-games, denigration and self-assertion through others-destruction?

Many people are convinced that a relationship is a zero-sum game: that is, that there is only a finite quantity of happiness to go around. Every piece of happiness enjoyed by your partner then becomes a piece of happiness of which you yourself are being deprived. This is why, whenever you are suddenly cheerful, your partner reacts with suspicion; behold, she is a zero-sum thinker and is afraid that she has just lost a crucial move in the game.

Done in Europe but mislaid

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