Honour Excisions

I am going to say something from Africa about honour killings, not because this is a local pastime, it isn’t, but because I have reached a certain place in writing up my notes. One fine day it occurred to me that European Christians used to have something that is perhaps not a million miles removed. In many places, if a son or daughter transgressed, they were struck out of the genealogy written in the front of the family Bible.

But, you will say, better to be excised from the family Bible than killed, and you are quite right. There is a big difference in the impact on the rejected child. Where there is not such a big difference is in the self-centred thinking. It is the same judgement, that a child that does its own thing reduces the social standing of the parents, and the same indifference to any other consideration. For some reason, however, this Christian practice does not get talked about.

Done in Douala

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