“There Are No Decent (Whoever)”

At the age of 20 I could never get laid either, though I never shot anyone. This was mostly because my society was not awash with guns, but I do not remember wanting to be a shooter either. Clearly sexual failure is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for a misogynistic rampage. An overweening sense of entitlement may make the difference.

Let us note, however, the common self-serving assumption that nobody wanted the young man in question because they could sense that he was a potential murderer or at least a crazy or a creep. If that be so, kudos to the girls for their insight; but please can we now apply the same analysis to the many, many women complaining that “there are no decent men”? Is his projection of personal failure onto an entire gender really so very different? Not that women go on murder rampages, but their refusal to ask what they are bringing to the table may constitute a greater symmetry. That is, their sense of entitlement to “decent men” may be just as great, despite their possessing no decency of their own.

I once knew a hungry single mother who would spend all evening gassing on the phone when I visited, tossing me a book. Was I less than decent for resenting this and finally ceasing to call, or was she less than decent for doing it in the first place? Are other lamenters of the lack of decent men equally blind to their own social incompetence? The lady whom I am currently travelling with shares my weariness with the “There are no decent men” meme, on the grounds that the ones who most loudly make this complaint are the first to treat a decent man like shit when they first catch sight of him. Let the reader reflect on experience, enumerate, then join me in critiquing the assumption that believing oneself intrinsically entitled to the best partners, regardless of one’s actual behaviour, is exclusively a male vice.

Done at Davos, Switzerland

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