Deep Economic Impact

Who was it that said we are two meals away from barbarism? The film Deep Impact featured a president who announced that an asteroid might be on a collision-course with Earth, might perhaps hit us and wipe us out, but that, while we waited to see whether we were all going to die, everything should go on as normal. Pretty please, no one should put the prices up.

What a moronic notion! If there is an even chance of the world ending next week, why should the girl at the supermarket give me food for little pieces of paper? Why, for that matter, should she stay there and work, when she could go somewhere pretty to spend her last days with her kids? But then again, why should the train driver take her there, or the filling-station owner give her petrol, in exchange for those little pieces of paper? The money you have at the bank is a fiction, and the moment the President made that announcement, you would be down to the food you already had in the house, and the weapons you could use to get more, end of story. Even though he was Morgan Freeman. If we had just one day’s notice of annihilation, it could be really good fun, even the nerds might get laid; but any longer, only the armed-to-the-teeth survivalists would be laughing.

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